My Vintage Valentine

For Valentines Day, Joe and I aren’t able to do much. He’ll have to work, per usual, so we were planning to just hangout at home and watch movies, maybe listen to a few records. So, we decided to celebrate early, since our plans are so lax. So, being a creative (and slightly crazy) person, I dressed up in nearly all Forever 21 clothes, attempted a ’40s faux bang and convinced Joe to take some vintage-y photos of me for kicks.

This was the inspiration board I created to get ready for the pics:

And these are some of the shots we got:

4331630936_a8fc25dd8d_o copy2
The “joe” tattoo is fake. Don’t worry mom! I added it in after 🙂 It’s just to symbolize that Joe has my heart.

4331627938_bc62c36f12_o copy

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(Faked some wallpaper over the blinds…)

Those were all edited. Here are some others, unedited, including a very curious Ruckus.


(I have no idea what she’s doing, or what I’m doing, for that matter. I’m holding the cake topper from my wedding, thats about all I know!)


40s faux bang!

The ’40s faux bangs were seriously the EASIEST thing I have ever done to my hair. They took about three minutes to do, with NO hairspray. None. There is actually no hairspray whatsoever in my hair in these photos. I’m not kidding. It’s that easy! I might need to do a DIY post, if any of you want to try!

Dress: Forever 21 Twist (no longer online)
Bolero: Forever 21 (no longer in red, but still online)
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (I think)
Scarf: Vintage, thrifted
Earrings: Borrowed from Cher a looooong time ago… (and never returned)
Haircomb: Purchased for my wedding on Etsy

So, Alya informed me, Chictopia is having a Forever21 Valentine outfit contest thing. I want to enter this outfit and one of these photos, but I’d love to get some feedback and suggestions on which on to enter.


8 thoughts on “My Vintage Valentine

    • Thanks!! It was really fun! Joe was sitting a chair “directing me” so half the photos I have a funny look on my face!

  1. I really, really like this! The tights are a wonderful touch and the faux bangs look incredible. I have no talent whatsoever with hair so I’m very impressed you not only pulled it off, but pulled it off without any product.

    My favorite picture is the second you posted, but I suppose for seeing details the full length shot of you standing is better. You can provide more than one picture of the same outfit, though, so there’s always that option.

  2. I think you belong in the previous era ’cause you look really pretty in that outfit! ^^ You could’ve been a movie star or a model before! 😀

    Like @Alya, I like the second pic too. 🙂 The vintage-looking one.

    • Thanks! I think it would be fun to model. I’m more of a ‘natural’ shape over here in the states, so I don’t think I’d realy get any jobs 🙂

      • I don’t really agree with too skinny models that’s why I prefer to see healthy looking ones over those who would seem to fall off when wind blows. lol XD

        Besides, if you belong in the past era, I bet models weren’t as stick-looking as they are now. ^^

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