Meet the kitties!

Cher has informed me that she likes to play “find the kitties” in my daily outfit posts. Since they show up so often in my posts, I’ve decided I need to introduce them and explain why they’re always there.

This is Ruckus.
Ruckus 4

We adopted her about two years ago (on Valentines Day!). She likes to play fetch and carry around her favorite toys (not kidding), swim in the tub (not kidding) and go for walks (still not kidding). What? You don’t believe me? Well, I’ll give you some links to videos proving these feats in a little bit.

This is her favorite toy. They were on clearance at Target last year, they look kinda like Saturn with a big ring and a bell in the middle. We have about five left. She’s destroyed the others or they are lost in the dark abyss underneath my stove/fridge that I refuse to clean out for fear of what else I might find (gremlins?).

This is Meatloaf (or The Meatloafy)

She is attention hog and LOVES Joe, my husband. I can prove it.


This is Meatloaf. Laying on Joe (hi Joe!) and he’s not holding her down. She’s just laying there. For real. I have quite a few pictures like that. It was just too cute!

Anyway, they tend to follow me around when I get home because it’s dinnertime and I haven’t been home all day (they love me!). I take my outfit photos at night (I have more time), usually right after I walk in the door. But, I will feed the little monsters first. Then, I rush out, set up the tripod and take the photos, attempting to do it before they’re done eating. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Meatloaf also LOVES my tripod. She bites the legs pretty much everyday.

Unfortunately, this is the best shot I have of her chewing on the legs because she kept moving!

When Rucku and Loafy (my weird little nicknames for them) aren’t terrorizing me when I try to take pictures, they can often be found sleeping. Pretty much anywhere. But the best (and cutest) sleep spots are those that interfere with me or Joe.

Ruckus, for example, likes to nap on me. More specifically, my feet.

Yup. Those are my feet. Ruckus curled up around them and on them. My feet went numb. I didn’t have the heart to move her and thankfully my camera was within reach!

Loafy likes to sleep on Joe (as you saw above), on Joe’s coat, or on the rare occasion that she can’t be on Joe or on his coat, she likes to sleep wrapped up in a blanket on a pillow. For real.
12-14-09 009


Come to think of it, Ruckus likes to sleep under the covers too. But she’s much cuter about it. WARNING- this photo is the cutest thing you will see today, probably this week. Ruckus really was passed out under the blanket like this- don’t mind the noise, it was taken with my cell phone.

Oh yea and this is in my bed!

The little monsters are spoiled and loved. They LOVE attention and people, so I figure you should all get to know who they are, since they wind up in so many of my photos.
12-1-09 028

They are hilarious. If you want to see videos of Ruckus playing fetch, eating fries or swimming in the tub, check out their blog (yes, my cats have a blog!). There are tons of videos, photos and other hilarious stuff to keep you entertained.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!


14 thoughts on “Meet the kitties!

  1. I love these two cats. πŸ™‚ They are my fave web cats (since I only see them online ^^). Ruckus is the most unique cat I know. I was shocked when I saw the video before where she’s playing fetch. She even plays with snow. XD

    Loafy looks like my cat now except they have different backs. Loafy’s fur looks really different.

    I’m so glad that I’ve seen them. πŸ™‚ I’m their biggest fan after Cherrow maybe? XD

  2. Oh man, so adorable! I have 2 cats of my own, and they sound a lot like yours…people cats who love to get into everything!

    I now have a wordpress account too, so we can be on twitter and buddies here too! =)

  3. Your kitties are so cute! I also adore their names–very clever. I have always loved cats, but can’t have them in my apartment. Sad! Maybe I will have to keep up with these dudes on their blog….

    • LOL- they’re quite a handful. My husband had never had pets, so there too are a learning experience for them!

  4. Tricia: Your blog says you are from Boston? My BF lives there (just for law school) and we are forever trying to find fun, inexpensive things to do. Any suggestions??

    • Well, I personally really like touristy things, so I’d suggest the Freedom Trail firstly, as Boston is a big place for history! Plus it’s free!=) Definitely climb the monument with it’s great views of the whole city, and the graveyards with famous people like Sam Adams and Mother Goose!

      Here’s some other fun things:
      – The ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art) is right on the Silver Line, and free Thursdays from 5-9 that’s what they have now. It’s right on the waterfront with great views!

      -Do you like oldies music? ZuZu in Central Square (on the Red Line) in Cambridge has the only oldies night I’ve ever heard of (think: Jackson 5, Diana Ross, Ray Charles, Rolling Stones, etc.) on Saturday nights from 11-2 with a $5 cover. I suggest getting in line around 10:45 to actually get in, it’s very popular!

      -If you don’t mind the cold and like being on the water, check out the MBTA’s water shuttles. They’re cheap and take you to pretty cool places my favorite is the one from Long Wharf to the Navy Yard (both off the Freedom Trail!) and it’s only $1.70!
      The navy yard is beautiful, and it has Old Ironsides the oldest navy ship still in commission (and you can climb aboard!)

      -Do you like Asian food? Grasshopper in Allston has an all-you-can-eat buffet (that’s all vegan, in fact) every third Sunday of the month. It’s the best thing ever!

      – If you like beer there’s the Sam Adams Brewery tour which is free and you get to sample =) (they suggest a donation of $2 to charities) It’s right in Jamaica Plain:

      – And on a final note for nightlife, check out the Enormous Room, my favorite spot! It’s just a room with couches everywhere and they play different music depending on the night, but mostly, it’s best for couples or small groups as sitting on couches invites lots of chatting. It’s also on the red line at Central Square It’s not very cheap, but it promises a good time!

  5. Awww, your kittehs are all amazing. I am owned by one black cat who looks a lot like Ruckus. He was a lil’ orphan who showed up at my house and now he also loves sleeping under the covers. I guess they’re made for spoiling though, huh? πŸ˜‰

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