Kushyfoot Coupon Code

Thanks to Ani from Kushyfoot, you can get $10 off a $30 order, plus free shipping!

After I posted about my need of new mustard yellow tights this morning, Ani left this message:

Hi Everyone, I work at Kushyfoot and I can vouch for the vast selection of colors offered in this line. The assortment ranges from Amber (mustard yellow) and Red to Purple and Magenta. Just gorgeous! Not to mention the usual basic colors. All this with the 3 dimensional wavy pattern sole that gives the massaging sensation as you walk. They’re my personal favorite.
Check out Kushyfoot.com if you’re interested and with promo code FEET10G at checkout you’ll get $10 off your $30 order, plus free shipping!

I know Christine from My Style Pill wears Kushyfoot tights, and I’m gonna snag myself a few colors (the colored tights come in packs of three!!)