I think mustard yellow is becoming my official go-to color when I don’t know what to wear.

Goldilocks 2-2-10




Jacket: F21
Top: Vertigo via Marshalls
Skirt: GAP ( I think)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Go Jane
Necklace: Target

It was snowing up a storm as I was taking these photos, so Ruckus decided she wanted to watch.

Sidenote: these shoes are amazing. You’d think they would be cold or uncomfortable, but they’re not (I wear wellies or sneakers in the snow). I just wish the tights were long, but I only have this pair and I haven’t decided where to get new ones.

Jessica, of What I Wore, wears We Love Colors tights and loves them, while Christina, of My Style Pill wears Kushyfoot and loves those. Anyone else have any suggestions of where to get mustard yellow tights?



7 thoughts on “Goldilocks

  1. I think the mustard colored tights go well with your outfit today. I love that shoes too. 🙂 You featured it before right?

    Hmm, if I were to wear that tights, I’d probably match it with mustard colored accessories, you know those big beaded necklaces? I’d add gold bangles too! Then black dress & an ankle length boots. ^^ I think that would make me look sophisticated and somehow retro because of the tights.

    Hi Ruckus! Looks like you’re having fun watching the snow from the window, eh? ^^

    • Hi! Yes, I’ve worn the shoes before. They’re usually better in the fall when it’s not snowing!

      I know it doesn’t really show, but there is a little yellow in the top, so I figured the tights matched 🙂

  2. HUE tights are my favorite that you can find in most apartment stores; usually they’re two for $20. They hold up well and come in a pretty good range of colors, though certainly not as many as We Love Colors.

    • That would be awesome. I own one pair of HUE tights, black with purple polka dots. I really want another pair (or two) of gold tights, since these have a HUGE rip in them (you can’t see it in the pics though). Thanks!

  3. Hi Everyone, I work at Kushyfoot and I can vouch for the vast selection of colors offered in this line. The assortment ranges from Amber (mustard yellow) and Red to Purple and Magenta. Just gorgeus! Not to mention the usual basic colors. All this with the 3 dimensional wavy pattern sole that gives the massaging sensation as you walk. They’re my personal favorite.
    Check out if you’re interested and with promo code FEET10G at checkout you’ll get $10 off your $30 order, plus free shipping!

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