What to wear for Valentines Day?

It’s no secret that I love mixing unexpected color combinations, my favorite being shades of orange/red with blue. I cam across a fabulous dress (Floral Cornucopia Dress) on Modcloth, that I’d love to own (are you reading this mom? Joe’s birthday is in a month, and I know he’s love it if I could own this dress!).

Anyway, expected colors for Valentines Days are always pink, red or purple, so I decided to play with those and create a look around this great dress.

Valentines Day
The reviews on the dress aren’t the best, although there are only two, so who knows if they’re totally true.
I also love these shoes. If only I have $300 to spend on Kate Spade shoes. If I did, I’d already own this dress though. I’d own everything I wanted if I could afford $300 shoes, in case you were wondering.

7 thoughts on “What to wear for Valentines Day?

  1. I totally love this attire! If you’d be wearing this on your date with your hubby, you’ll surely be irresistible to him. ^^

    I love the shoes too! ^^ I’d love to wear pumps this valentines too but I’ll just stumble for sure because we’re actually celebrating valentines watching hot air balloons! ^^

      • I will! ^^ I’m supposed to there last year but I forgot what happened why I didn’t make it. There’s a big Whiskas balloon there usually… I hope it’s there again! That’s my second fave balloon after the Tiger. ^^

  2. I’m actually excited for Valentine’s Day this year and have been wondering what pretty little number I could wear.

    Do you use chictopia at all? If not, they’re having a V. Day contest I think you should enter if you own anything at all by Forever 21.

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