No effort at all!

I wanna make sure you know I don’t mean “effortless” because to look this comfy and lazy, it takes no effort at all, but to look awesome always takes some amount of effort.

No effort at all! 2-1-10



Loafy says hi! She was being really lovey and attached to me, so I decided I needed to put up her photo.

Anyway, this week is finally calmer than last week, which is awesome. I still need to do laundry, which I should get to quickly, but we all know I’ll put it off until the weekend and instead wear the random pieces of clothes I have hiding in the back of my closet.

Little-miss-purr-ball is requesting my attention, as are my three skirt projects. I’m hoping the hems will be done this week so I can wear them!


One thought on “No effort at all!

  1. I totally understand. In cold days, I’d rather be comfy than glam too. ^^

    Hi loafy! ^^ You’re getting really cuddly lately. You’re so cuuuute!

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