Holy Crap- it’s me!

I was checking my blog reader, when I came across Modcloth’s Modlife update of the day. And holy crap- it’s me!


It’s the awesome coat I bought here in Michigan, and wore all weekend in Chicago when I was visiting Cher, who was also my photographer.

I wish I had worn different shoes. Those sneakers look so dumb!

Oh well. To read the rest of that post, click here.


9 thoughts on “Holy Crap- it’s me!

    • Thanks 🙂 That’s my college side sneaking out. I was a BIG skater girl in college and always wore DC’s with jeans and concert tees!

  1. Hi Susan,

    Well now that we know you were in Chicago, it makes sense you were in sneakers! All of that walking is hard to do in heels!!

    ❤ Aire

  2. Don’t worry bought the sneaks. Everyone can obviously see you have an innate sense of style by your inspired coat selection. The fact that you rocked the sneaks just shows your individual spirit. So u weren’t perfectly Anthrolish, but you rocked it with a smile!

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