Goodbye January, hello February!

It’s freezing out today! It’s so cold, my car didn’t want to start today. Thankfully, after a jump, it did.

Days like this make me long for spring, or even summer. I would rather wear a skirt to work, but I don’t feel warm enough when it’s only 17 degrees outside!

I’ve taken to wearing leggings under my jeans or pants to help keep warm, and today was no exception. I wore one of my go-to outfits when it’s this cold outside- nice pants, cable-knit sweater, colorful shirt underneath and a bright scarf to liven it up. I’m wearing sneakers today, because I have a couple nasty blisters from this weekend. Don’t worry, I have some black flats to wear at work (because I wouldn’t wear sneakers there, except for Fridays). I am, once again, ready for the weekend, even though it’s only Monday. This week will be much less stressful though, because I don’t have an event on Friday I need to prepare for. This week is all about cleaning my apartment, doing some laundry, finishing my DIY post and the three skirts I’ve started to make (because I want to wear them.
Winter Wonderland

Time to dream of spring and wait for the weather to warm up!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye January, hello February!

  1. Aww… it’s still snowing there? The knitted gray jacket looks good! ^^

    Btw, take Vit C so you wouldn’t catch a cold. Say hi to Loafy & Ruckus for me too… ^^

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