Sewing and weekend plans

I am exhausted. I started work yesterday at about 9 am. I got home around 1 am this morning. So needless to say I am extremely tired. Every part of my body aches. From the hairs on my head, to the blister on the top of my toe near the nail, I am ready for a full-body massage that will remove all this tension from my muscles.

But, that isn’t in the cards. So it looks like it will be a day of sitting in a chair, soaking in the tub, finishing my DIY post that’s nearly completed and finishing my sewing plans.

This is the shirt I’m using for my DIY post. It’s a mens large, long-sleeved dress shirt.

I’ve also been working on a skirt, and it’s all done except for the hem. The fabric I found for that is this bright, brushstroked fabric that I think will look good once it’s done.

I also have quite a few yards of cotton that I need to do something with. Cher suggests a skirt, which is the direction I am leaning. I think it will make a nice summer skirt, if I can ever work on it.

Now, it’s time to go and rest my feet a little more, and finish my DIY post so I can post it.


One thought on “Sewing and weekend plans

  1. Aww… you stayed a bit late at work, I know how tiring that is. 😦

    For me, playing with the cats is a bit therapeutic. ^^ I feel light whenever they do funny things. I bet loafy can cheer you up too. ^^

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