Part 5: Date Night!

Date night. The elusive night-0-fun in any couple’s dating life. Well, expect mine. Much like my lack of parties, I have a lack of date nights. We are lucky if we can stay awake long enough to see each other! Last night was particularly difficult, and I’m about to go to work and be away from my computer for 16 hours! (Dislike… dislike!!)

Anyway, this is what I would wear if I could go on a date tonight:

Date night!
Items in this set: 
Sequin Cardigan, $14
Purple Top, $16
Skirt, $8.50
Purse, $29
Sparkle Pantyhose, $20
Less than $10 for that skirt. Holy crap that’s a great deal!!

Cher’s got the shoes and I hear they’re YELLOW today…


2 thoughts on “Part 5: Date Night!

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  2. The purple top looks good… If I’d wear that here, I could just wear that with jeans and maybe an ankle length purple boots. 🙂 It’s like 30 degrees celsius here so I think a jacket won’t be needed on daytime.

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