Part 4: Party!

I don’t get to go out to parties that often. My husband works really early, so he’s often tired when I get home from work. But, I decided to do a party look anyway, for those brief occasions when we actually do get to go out and party with out friends.

party outfit
Items in this set:

Forever 21 Satin Dress, $25

Charlotte Russe Motorcyle Jacket, $33
Forever 21 Lace Snap Clutch, $16
Sequined scarf (etsy), $18
Forever 21 Sequin Bow Headband, $5.80

I love this outfit to death. I like mixing leather, lace and sequins. I think there is something fun and girlie about wearing a pretty dress, but matching it up with a great jacket, or something else unexpected.

Cher’s got the shoes to go with this one, and believe me, you want to check them out!


3 thoughts on “Part 4: Party!

  1. I almost bought that headband yesterday, but I don’t get to go out to occasions that warrant such a thing, either.

    I like the outfit, very nice mix of patterns/textures.

    • I have a really similar headband, mine doesn’t have sequins, and I’ve worn it to work before 🙂 They’re all used to my accessories at this point!

  2. I like the purse… ^^ It looks lady-like… so not me. lol XD But I want to change my clothing style so I think this would be a great addition to my wardrobe. ^^

    I find the earrings cute too… ^^

    I think the best thing in this outfit is the jacket. 🙂 It brought some spice on the chic oufit. ^^

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