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The week of as little black as possible is off to a good start. I’ve decided rather than just getting up and throwing on clothes, which has served me well in the past, I’m going to dress for a reason. This week it’s all about proving I can wear minimal black and still pull an outfit together.

I’m thinking next week I will dress each day inspired by a book, movie, musician or character suggested to me by one of the wonderful people out there who read this. (That still amazes me, and I seriously appreciate it). I’ve had random comments on my outfits in the past, twi-hards (or not) yelling at me for my opinion on those movies and random link-backs and it’s awesome. So, I figure I’ll give five of you a chance to dictate how I dress next week.

pick my inspiration
(This isn’t meant to sway you, just give you a brief overview of some quick inspiration points I thought of.) Obviously who/what I use as inspiration will be very specific to the clothes I already own, since I’m not spending money for the next month (already failed on that end. But that has to do with food, not clothes), so I will either remix stuff I have, edit it or just work with it!

Please leave your suggestion below. I will either do another post letting you know who will be my inspiration or I’ll just dress like them next week, depending on how many suggestions are left.



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  1. Hmm… Not Bella, definitely… lol XD How about maybe dress like Alice Cullen? But I guess you have to wear something black. Hmm, I think I’d go for Pride & Prejudice dresses. ^^ Classical! ^^

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