Part 1: Work to After-Work

Cher, of Shoe-a-Day and I are pairing up all week to showcase five different looks with clothing and shoes currently in stores.

I’ll show you the outfit, the price and links to where you can buy it. The, you’ll head on over to Shoe-a-Day to see what shoes she suggests to go with the outfit.

Keeping with my normal trend, all the clothing will be affordable, usually under $100, and Cher will showcase two pairs of shoes, but I’ll let her explain that. Onto the first outfit!

Hilariously I own the jacket and the necklace and I love them both. The dress is something I really want, so I think this outfit is my way of proving to myself that the dress is something I should own.
And head back over here tomorrow for part two: night out with the girls!

2 thoughts on “Part 1: Work to After-Work

  1. I like the jacket… It can both be formal and casual depending on the others stuff you’re wearing. I’m so into accessories lately too that’s why I like the necklace. ^^

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