I would love this!

Thanks to Jessica over at What I Wore, I have big love for dresses. I blame her, because when I discovered her blog, she was wearing all skirts and dresses and I was wearing none.

Well, she looked so damn adorable in her skirts and dresses I decided I could wear mine and look just as adorable!

Anyway, I was going through my blogroll when I came across Jessica’s newest post. Megan Nielsen has just launched her first line and Jessica helped with the lookbook. (Super cute, by the way) So, what do I fine when I look through it? The most adorable dress EVER. I want this dress. I want to own it, to go out in it, to have people ask me where I got it from.

Her name is Lady and I want to own her.

Check out the rest of Megan’s shop and make sure you have some kleenex nearby. Her clothes are drool-worthy, uber ladylike and just amazing.


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