Shades of Grey

I don’t know if I was in a bad mood, but I wore no color yesterday (or is it called the absence of color?).

It was all black, grey and white. Kinda odd. Oh well. Cher lent me this awesome skirt, which I do have to return to her (in one piece).

Shades of Grey 1-19-09

Shades of Grey 1-19-09 2



Sweater: H&M
Skirt: Borrowed from Cher
Tights: Gift
Shoes: Nine West via Ebay
Necklace: F21

Haha- you can see the t-shirts for my Friday Feature in the background!
I LOVE this skirt, as I know Cher does. I wish it was more high-waisted so it could be a little shorter and pulled up over the bottom of the turtleneck. I feel like it’s too long, although I know that’s how it’s meant to look. I guess I like higher-waisted skirts!

Cher, I will lend you my Muse dress. I just have to clean it, then it’s all yours!

How do I clean this skirt, by the way?


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