Is a spending freeze a good thing?

My husband and I need a new mattress. Because of this, we’ve decided to go on a “spending freeze.”

Basically, we’re not allowed to spend ANY money until the end of February. Well, we did set up some parameters.

Things we need to get to work on a daily basis, such as gas, are allowed. Grocery store food purchases ONLY. No fast food, no shopping, no video games.

We should be able to save a decent amount between now and March 1 this way. If it works out, we’ll both get $20 in March to spend on whatever we want.

I’ve already picked out my prize:

A wonderful dress from H&M’s spring garden collection, in stores at the end of March.

I have no idea if we’ll be able to last until then, but I hope so! The giant pile of hand-me-downs Cher gave me should curb my shopping appeal for awhile. And Joe just renewed his Xbox 360 subscription, so he’ll be good for three months. I’m hoping he’ll be able to take his frustrations out on his Xbox because he’s quitting smoking… Again… I think it’s good. It’ll save us A LOT of money he doesn’t like to admit he’s spending. $5 per pack, two packs per week makes your fun money go away really fast.

Oh yeah- Netflix is allowed and encouraged, since that will be one of our only forms of entertainment. This might seem odd, but we need to save our money for bigger purchases instead of spend it on new stuff. So expect to see lots more posts about DIY, clothing re-dos and lots more remixes.

What’s the weirdest thing you did to save money?


3 thoughts on “Is a spending freeze a good thing?

    • And I will love them as if they are my own.

      You might want them back after I get to some of my other DIY posts… You can make them new again! 🙂

  1. HAHA! I started saving last June for nothing in particular. I just thought of doing so because I don’t have much on my savings account.

    In order to save money I:
    1. Brought some snacks at work so I wouldn’t buy outside anymore.
    2. Lessen coffee intake. HAHA! XD
    3. Opt for cheaper restaurants when I’m out. ^^
    4. Strictly no shopping no matter how much I like a particular thing. T.T (this is the toughest part of the challenge)
    5. Stay at home most of the time. 😦

    By October, I saw a laptop and I splurge every cent I have to buy it. T.T Then holidays came where lots of shopping’s made… so now, I’m broke again. XD

    I still have money left though… I’m planning on building a cat house for my cats. ^^

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