New Coat!

Sunday Cher and I went out and about again in Chicago, mostly because it was a really nice day out. I was really excited because I could finally wear my new vintage coat outside. While we were out I bought a few little tinkets to add to the package Cher and I are sending to Rich.

My outfit wasn’t super interesting, although I had a Star Wars t-shirt on under my jacket. That got a few stares when Cher and I went to Five Guys to have lunch. Other than that, this is what I wore:

1-17-09 1

Jacket: Vintage, thrifted
Scarf: H&M
Jeans: Hand me down from Cher
Sneakers: DC Shoes
Sunglasses: Borrowed from Cher
(Underneath) Star Wars t-shirt

Apparently I am never allowed to wear those shoes with that jacket ever again. Oh well. This is how most people I know dress. I wasn’t going to wear Uggs (I realy don’t like them) and I wasn’t about to wear flats or heels in the cold snow.

What shoes should I have worn?


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