No cost/ low-cost ways to spice up your wardrobe: Tip #2

Everybody has a few extra t-shirts lying around that are either too big, too small. For this DIY you’ll need two old t-shirts, a belt buckle (either new or old), scissors and a needle and thread.

Take your t-shirts and cut off the bottom hem, just above the seam. Don’t cut through the hem- keep it as a big circle.

Don’t toss out the hem- you can use it later!

Repeat with your second shirt.

Now, start cutting your shirt into a big strip. I started on the side, cutting diagonally about an inch or so. My strips were about 32ish inches long. (You fold the strips over and when you braid them they get smaller, so longer is good.)

Fold the stripes in half, and shove the loop through the buckle.

Take the ends and shove them through the loop.

Smooth the ends.

Pull tight.

Now lay out the four strands on your table. I found it easiest to organize it this way.

Here’s the fun part- time to braid the strands. BTW- it might help if you secure the buckle to something else- I tied to to my table to hold it still.

Few more hints…

Contiue braiding until you get to the end or until it’s long enough to fit around you.

Tie off the end.

Trim off the ends. If you want to keep it secure, you can sew up the knot.110_3595

Try it on! 🙂

And those hems you cut off? Loop it around your head for a quick headband!

I have two half shirts left over, and I bet you will too. Keep them- I have other ways we can use them up and I’ll post the first next week.

PS- this total project cost me $1.50 for the belt buckle- I got it at a local fabric store. If you need one you can buy a used belt, or get one from a fabric store. Even two D rings will work.

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