Even celebs spend a little less (sometimes)

I love when I open a magazine or go online and see celebrities wearing “cheap” clothes. Sometimes I get so irked when all they wear is designer duds. I know they have the bankroll to wear whatever the heck they want, but I like seeing them in something I could purchase myself.

It makes them seem more personable to me.

This morning I logged online and found this photo of Natalie Portman sporting a Rodarte for Target dress that costs $40 on the red carpet.
NataliePortman RodarteforTarget Dress $39.99

Ah, how I love seeing a dress I can afford on a star who is so likable and fun!

That got me to thinking, “what other celebs wear less expensive clothes, even some of the time?”

Most famously was Sharon Stone at the 1996 Oscars. She showed up wearing a GAP turtleneck and Valentino skirt. She’s been regarded as one of the fashion trendsetters of the decade for her unconventional take on fashion.

I quickly found some other celebs who have been wearing clothes, shoes and accessories we “normal” people can afford.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz wearing Kenneth Cole boots, $98
AshleySimpson KennethCole RainBoots $98

Kristen Bell in a $26 Guess tee
KristenBell Guess Tee $26

Blake Lively shops at American Eagle while wearing AE jeans, $30
BlakeLively AmericanEagle Jeans $29.30

Kate Walsh pairs her GORGEOUS red carpet dress with a $30 Aldo clutch
KateWalsh AldoClutch $30

Sienna Miller really takes the cake though. She’s wearing a $4 tank top from Walmart. She wins BIG points in my book.
SiennaMiller Walmart Tank $3.97

Even in magazines celebs are wearing commercially available clothes.
Anyone else love the recent Rodarte for Target line? Teen Vogue does, putting Dakota Fanning in the bow-back leopard gown for their recent issue.
DakotaFanningTeenVogue RodarteforTarget

If only more celebs would take notice and realize that they don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on all their clothes, just because they can.


2 thoughts on “Even celebs spend a little less (sometimes)

  1. Natalie Portman is such an angel in that dress. It still looked worth thousand bucks on her! ^^ I also like stars who dress “affordable” sometimes.

    • I looooove Natalie Portman- she wears clothes like that kinda often. It really makes me respect her more. It’s not her fault she makes the big bucks but I like that she doesn’t flaunt it 🙂

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