I think someone was cleaning out their grandmother’s attic!

To get inspiration (and some giveaway items) I headed over to a local thrift shop. This place benefits a non-profit group, so their prices are super low and they’re helping the community!

I ended up walking away with some GREAT items! Some vintage, some new and some that didn’t quite fit me.

First up- the two coats I found. The black one is from Jacobson’s (you must remember that place- I got my first homecoming dress there!). It’s a fuzzy wool with some sort of fur collar. I couldn’t find a tag telling me what materials it was made of, so I’m not sure how to clean it. The buttons were sparkly and HUGE! I’m planning to take it, and the other coat to my local dry cleaners and asking them to take care of it. They should be able to not ruin the fur, right?
Thrifted 9

The other coat is a dusty red/orange with faux fur trim on the collar and sleeves. The construction is GREAT on both coats, and once they’ve been cleaned, I can’t wait to wear them!
Thrifted 8

From there, I scoured the dress/skirt/top racks. I found a bunch of stuff! (Please forgive my mismatched outfits in the photos, I don’t plan to wear these like this!)
Thrifted 4
Top is vintage and has great striping detail. The skirt is from Banana Republic and I think will be great for spring!

Thrifted 2
The top is vintage and even came with the belt! Someone kept very good care of their clothes! The skirt is more recent and again, I think it’ll be a great spring/summer skirt!

Thrifted 3
I didn’t leave out my husband! I found him a vintage shirt he’s excited to wear!

And now, we get to the two items that didn’t really fit me.
Thrifted 5
This red dress is great! It buttons down the front and comes with a matching belt. Unfortunately for me, the armpits are too tight. So, it might benefit one of you!

thrifted 1
This top is great! It doesn’t have a tag, the previous owner removed it, but it’s great! I love the pink piping detail. But, once again, the armpits were a little tight for me.

So, my shopping woes might become your prize! I’m still trying to figure out how it would work and once I do, I’ll let you all know! 🙂

I also found a bunch of vintage pantyhose, still in their original packaging. Is that normal? Would it still work? I was tempted to buy a pair to try, but I decided against it.

There was also a bunch a jewelry, so maybe I’ll have to add some of that to the giveaway mix.

What is the best thing you’ve found at a thrift store or secondhand store?


One thought on “I think someone was cleaning out their grandmother’s attic!

  1. The brown like coat looks really great. 🙂

    The best stuff I bought at a thrift store is a really cute bag with some sparkly pink beads on it. 🙂 Although I don’t use it that much now cause it’s too small for my stuffs, it’s really a great buy! 🙂

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