How I winterize my closet (and look forward to spring!)

I’ll admit it, I have many things I wear all year. Mostly because I can’t wear wool (I get red, blotchy and itchy), and as long as I’m careful about my chiffon and velvet clothes, I’m usually in the clear. In my opinion, this a good way to do it. Sure, I have a few pairs of thicker pants and some soft skirts, but about 80-85% of my wardrobe is year-round appropriate.

While I was working on my Friday feature, no cost/low-cost ways to spice up your wardrobe (check out the first post here), I was thinking about the ways I winterize my wardrobe. Because, let’s face it, we all have a favorite shirt/dress/skirt that we love to wear. And, with the right accessories, we can wear it all year-long!

First things first, though. When choosing what stuff I will continue to wear into the next season, I really try to steer clear of anything chiffon, spring colors (if it’s overwhelming) and, usually, floral prints. To me the light fabric, light hues and floral print reads “SPRING.” But, if it’s March, and it’s a nice day, I might break it out. It looks more appropriate in March than in November.

These all say “SPRING” to me. I actually own a few of them and they’ve been sitting in my closet, waiting for spring to arrive so I can wear them again.

These things are all very “WINTER” to me.

Winter fashions
Cable knit, velvet and deep colors make me think of fall and winter. Suede too, although that’s just a personal choice!

Now these are things I think can work all year:

Year Round
Maybe it’s the patterns, maybe it’s the colors, but I feel like these all walk the fine line of being wearable all year.
Now, onto the tips!

1. Leggings or thick tights.
This might seem like a no-brainer, but before leggings and tights were “in” again, it was very hard to find some fun pairs. Personally I must have twenty pairs of tights, all in different colors, patterns and thicknesses. A thicker, cable-knit variety will easily go from fall-winter-spring, while a thinner version will work better throughout the fall or spring.

2. Layer.
Again, seems like a no-brainer, right? Wrong. My sister, Cher, is fabulous at layering. I think it’s because she lives in a very climate challenged area. It can be 80 degrees one day, flooded and 50 the next. Cher is really good at wearing a skirt, tights, t-shirt, cardigan, gloves, hat, leg warmers, boots, scarf and coat. If it gets too warm, she can peel off a thing or too and still look chic and put together. (I realize she sounds like a bag lady, but she always looks great.)
This is also very helpful if you have a 3/4 sleeve length cardigan- wear a long sleeve shirt underneath and you’ll be toasty warm!

3. Tall boots.
I love wearing tall boots! I feel like it can take my outfit to a whole new level, allowing me to stay nice and warm, but letting me wear a skirt! (I love skirts) There are TONS of styles, heights and designs. Over-the-knee, ankle, knee-high, suede, leather, vegan friendly and more.

4. Jacket.
A tailored jacket can be your best friend throughout the winter. You can easily wear it over your favorite dress and look work appropriate and chic. If it’s really chilly, wear one over a cardigan for a really warm look!

5. Scarves.
I loves scarves. Not just scarves worn for warmth while I’m out in the snow, but fashionable scarves. My current favorite is the infinity scarf. I’ve been trying to knit my own for a few months now, but I always seem to get distracted!

Then, when going from winter into spring, I tend to reverse these tips. I’ll slowly mix in my spring clothes (when is the right time to do that? When the snow melts? Cuz that’s when I do it!) and slowly take out my winter sweaters and velvet fabrics.

How do you make your wardrobe move from one season to the next?


One thought on “How I winterize my closet (and look forward to spring!)

  1. I wanted an infinity scarf as well… I haven’t found one yet. T.T I saw a thin looking infinity scarf in a series I was watching that’s why I liked it more. 😀

    I like your winter clothes list! Or maybe I just love winter clothes. I like coats, chick jacket, and the like. Too bad can’t wear too much thick looking clothes here. T.T

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