I found clothes I forgot I owned! Cleaning is fun :)

Today has been a day of organizing, cleaning and sorting. I’ve really had barely anytime to get myself dressed up and leave the apartment, although I did leave once to get a tripod for my camera. I got a little sick of having to prop the camera up on boxes.

But beyond that, I’ve attempted to organize the messy closet Joe and I share. We went to Ikea last night and bought a scarf/tie/belt organizer, tri-level hanger and storage boxes.

The way I clean and organize, which is kinda backward, is taking EVERYTHING out of my closet, going through it and re-hanging it all up. Whew. When I do that, I seem to always find clothes I haven’t have a chance to wear yet. This time was no different. I found a few things and I’m pretty excited to wear them.

Stuff I need to wear

Suspenders, Rodarte for Target dress, Blue tights, Harem pants, Brown leather skirt,  Gold tie necklace, Lace necklace, Polka dot top,  Skirt, Red bolero, Blue heels

 I’m not really the best at organizing or cleaning- just ask my sister! I always know where everything is, even if it’s piled in a laundry basket on the floor (which a lot of my clothes is in). I tend to have more stuff than I have room for, although I wear most stuff I own. Anyway, I’m trying to get better at organizing stuff, so any tips would be very welcome!