No cost/ low-cost ways to spice up your wardrobe: Tip #1

When I went from high school to college I didn’t really need much. I could wear jeans to class, t-shirts all day long and lounge around in sweatpants to my heart’s content!

Now that I have a real job and I need to look more mature, I’m finding that not all my clothes are making it into my new lifestyle. Rather than get rid of them all, I’m finding different ways I can make them into something I can wear and want to wear again!

I have a jacket in my closet. I’ve probably had it for a few years. It’s khaki colored corduroy, in a traditional shape. But I don’t wear it.

Tip #1- change out the buttons on a rarely worn jacket or cardigan to give it new life.

If you have amassed a huge collection of buttons, as I have, you won’t have to pay for a thing (especially if you have thread that matches the jacket or cardigan). If you don’t, you might have to shell out a few bucks at your local craft/fabric store on a set of buttons. I’ve seen ladies all over Flickr and the blog world do this all the time to rarely worn clothes, and they end up falling in love with them again!

You can find TONS of buttons for cheap at different places. Sometimes flea markets, thrift stores or Salvation Army stores have jars of buttons. There are tons of colors and shapes you can choose to use.

For example, if you used brass buttons you’d give your jacket or cardigan a military feel. Or, if you used sparkly buttons your jacket or cardigan would get a little dressier.

It’s fun to play around and see what works and what you like.

Now, let’s take a basic black cardigan. Most of us probably have one that we wear sometimes, if it’s cold. But it’s not really anything SUPER special.

Why not change out those gold buttons (or the black plastic ones that come on most cardigans) for something more fun?
How about red heart buttons?

Now you’ve got something super cute and much more personal, and it only cost you a few dollars to get some new buttons!

Just make sure whatever new buttons you use fit through the old button holes.

If anyone out there does this and sends me their before and after photos, I’d be happy to post them!

PS. Those aren’t the same cardigan, I just didn’t have any photos of what I did to share! 🙂


5 thoughts on “No cost/ low-cost ways to spice up your wardrobe: Tip #1

  1. I have a knitted-like jacket on my closet right now. It looks really boring so I think I’d try changing the buttons on it… ^^ I’ll send a pic if I’m done. But I don’t have buttons so I guess I’m going to buy some first. ^^

    • LOL- There are TONS of cute buttons out there! Or, if you have a secondhand/thift store nearby, you can buy something cheap that has awesome buttons and use those 🙂

      • As long as they fit through the other button holes! 🙂 It’s always fun to do this, because you really can make something look totally different with buttons!

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