Flights of fancy!

Worn 1-7-09

Flights of fancy 1-7-09

1-7-09 3

1-7-09 7

1-7-09 1

1-7-09 2

Dress: Gift, Banana Republic
Scarf: Adrienne Vittadini via Marshalls
Earrings: Gift, Macys (I think)
Tights: Target
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Belt: F21
Cardigan: GAP (not pictured)

The last time I wore this dress was to my rehearsal dinner.  My mom bought it specifically for me, for that day. I think she figured I should have something pretty to wear and we both loved the color. I’ve been waiting to wear it, mostly because it wrinkles so easily. I ironed it today, but after wearing it ALL day, it is still a little wrinkled (I take my photos at the end of the day). The scarf was a great find! I just wanted something fun and colorful, and I found it at Marshalls after the holiday for $12!

I feel like a high-class flight attendant! I tried to tie the scarf 50s style (it’s really long!). I really wish I had my Nine West Cedar Grove booties to wear with this outfit instead of these tall boots, but I think I still look OK.

I didn’t feel like rocking the bangs for the first time in a while, so I twisted the front side of my hair into a curl, sprayed the crap outta it with Big Sexy Hair hairspray and pinned it together. Fun, right?

How would you mix up the outfit?


5 thoughts on “Flights of fancy!

  1. The dress looks nice, though I agree… textiles like that gets wrinkly easily. I like the belt and the hair! I like the twist part. ^^

    If I were to wear that outfit here, I guess I have to drop the scarf… T.T It’s hot here so I think I couldn’t put it on. And although I love the boots so much, I think it has to go too. Maybe I’ll just put on a black pumps with embedded dots on it like your belt. Then for my hair, since it very long, I’ll have it curled. Then place a hairclip on one side like what you did. ^^

    • You might be able to wear the scarf- It’s silk so it’s super light! It is actually really cool- it’s got butterfly wings on it! 🙂
      You need to come visit so you could wear clothes like this!

      • Lol I hope I could… ^^ I was suppose to migrate in the US but the papers aren’t fixed yet. My dad is in CA. It’s a bit far from you though… but at least not halfway around the globe. There’s a bigger chance to for me to see loafy & ruckus in person! Umm, in person? LOL XD

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