Ruby rox in her polka dots

I found this dress at Plato’s Closet, which I’ve talked about briefly before. It’s a secondhand store for teens and twenties clothing that’s been in the stores within the last 2 years. So nothing is vintage, but it’s a great way to find that skirt/top/dress you really wanted but couldn’t afford when it first came out. I’ve been really lucky there before and this time was no different.

I walked out with one thing, this Ruby Rox 50s style dress. It’s just like the gold Modcloth dress I have, but this one is all polka dots. I wasn’t quite sure what to pair with it, so going off the buttons and thread details, I picked some red tights black belt, black shoes and a black cardigan (it’s cold!).

1-6-09 Ruby rox in her polka dots





Dress: Thrifted, Ruby Rox
Tights: Target
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Aldo
Cardigan: H&M
Necklace: Modcloth

I am not having a good skin week. But, I think I make up for it by hiding my face with my hair and wearing cute clothes.

The dress wasn’t poofy enough for me, so I actually have a box pleat skirt on under the dress to poof it out. I also didn’t need a belt, bu I felt like there were so many polka dots it needed to be broken up some. I have a red belt but it needs to be taken in a little. It doesn’t sit at my waist, it sits at my hips, so that will be my projet this weekend.

How would you mix up the outfit? Do I always need to wear it with red or should I mix it up?


2 thoughts on “Ruby rox in her polka dots

  1. Aww… the dress looks cute! ^^ I think my mum owns a dress with the same style.

    I’m not into leggings so I’d just use a red belt and red pumps. 🙂 To look really classy, I’ll put on artificial fur coat! I don’t like real fur because I’m against animal killing for their fur.

    The necklace look cute! You can put take a picture of loafy with that mustache! XD And oh, hi Ruckus! ^^

    • Wanna know what’s funny? I did take a photo of loafy with the necklace in front of her nose!! 🙂

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