Lia Sophia necklace

My sister has a great Lia Sophia necklace her friend gave her. I’ve been trying to sneak it into my suitcase for a few years every time I visit her.

She always catches me.

So, this year, I decided I would buy my own. This was after we bought one for our brother’s mom for a Christmas gift.

Cher says it matches EVERYTHING, which is totally true.

Isn’t it great? Anyway, I finagled my way onto Ebay and started searching. I came across a listing for a used necklace, no box, starting bid $0.99.


I got the necklace, ended up only paying something like $26 for a necklace that is worth $120! Ah, I love ebay:)
Lia Sophia Necklace

Lia Sophia

Gah! I just love the colors of the necklace! I was really excited when Joe told me it had arrived yesterday.

I’m also excited because I have two other packages there right now!

Time to go fight with the snow!


4 thoughts on “Lia Sophia necklace

  1. Yea I agree. 🙂 It looks good and it matches almost everything! ^^ I hope you could feature it sometime on your post about things you wear. ^^

  2. I just started Lia Sophia and I have never seen this necklace in person, but having seen these photos wish it would have stuck around much longer. The two bottom pictures really bring out all of the colors. I too would like to see what you wear with it. Great blog btw!

  3. The lia sophia necklace is called beaumont and it also has a bracelet to match. They are both very beautiful and yes, they should have stayed around a little longer.

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