Ever have one of those days? Where you don’t wanna wake up?

Today has been another of those days.

Nothing particularly bad has happened, I even looked cute today! But I just felt like blah. I just feel like things are just within my grasp but just outside of it. I feel like I need a change. I need to get out of Michigan, but I don’t know where I want to end up. I don’t know what I want to do and I don’t know where I should be. I would love to be writing for a newspaper again, but I haven’t done it in so long I don’t know if I’d get hired. I’d love to write for online blogs/news/stuff, but I don’t know where to begin. What counts as “real” online and can be used to push me forward in the future?

Ah, I just am unsure of things and I don’t know how to remedy the situation.

I want something sweet. Cookies or something. Maybe some macaroons?:)
More macaroons!

In the meantime, as I pout about the direction of my life and attempt to find ways to change it (it’s took early for a quarter-century crisis!), I shall continue to take photos, work on my evolving novel, knit my never-ending infinity scarf and just moving along.

Something has to give and I hope it’s not me.


4 thoughts on “Ever have one of those days? Where you don’t wanna wake up?

    • The macaroons are yummy! I did a whole post about them a week or so ago (with TONS of pics!)
      I hope I feel better soon too. I think I’m just in a funk and need to figure out something I like to do. I play volleyball once a week, but we’ve been on break for about a month. I think the activity helped me feel better. Winter is just not fun!

  1. Those macaroons always make me feel hungry. XD

    You should try online writing… Try doing freelance writing online. Here’s a site you could try: http://odesk.com I haven’t joined there but I have plans on trying. ^^

    Check out http://mahalo.com. I’ve been a member since August last year, I think. It’s a great community. And with your writing skills, you could earn a lot from there. ^^

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