2010 Spring fashion trends I’m excited for

Pantone released their spring 2010 colors a bit ago, but I’ve just gotten around to looking them up.

I’m really digging these colors, but that was probably obvious because they’re very feminine colors. I have clothes in the majority of them, so I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with some awesome outfits. Beyond the Pantone color chart I decided to lookup some of the new trends coming out to see what I liked.

Versace Spring 2010 Line

It’s an awesome line with sweet colors, geometric patterns, metallics and awesome shoes! I’m really loving the shapes and the shine in the clothes.

Chanel Spring 2010 Ready to Wear

Wow. OK, so how much do I love this collection? Um, a whole lot! The full skirts and lace or sheer details- yum! These dresses are so cute, I want to own them all. The chains on the pants look are awesome. I think the red outfit is my favorite- the sleeves are ah-maz-ing.

The other things I’m dying for in the spring? Clear necklaces like the ones in the Michael Kors collection.

That necklace would match everything I own. Sure, it helps that it’s clear, but it would look chic with jeans, suits or skirts.

I haven’t seen everything from spring 2010, but so far I’m liking what I see. I feel like the days of skin-tight clothes and super short skirts are gone (which don’t look good on me) and the retro feel of full circle skirts and great jackets is back. I can’t wait to see what else will be out there and the other trends I can try to mix into my current wardrobe.

I need to go see what I already own that fits the above trends and colors… 🙂


One thought on “2010 Spring fashion trends I’m excited for

  1. The dresses look extremely cuuute! ^^ I just don’t know if those type of dresses will look good on me. I said I’m going to buy a cute dress last Christmas but I ended up buying other clothes… T.T

    I want the Chanel dresses… ^^

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