Trash bag skirt and mod tights

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing really seems to be going right, but you can’t figure out why? It’s not like you woke up late, dropped your breakfast or stubbed your toe. You dressed cute, in your new shiny grey skirt and 70s throwback tights and went right on to work. 

That’s when it all went downhill. That skirt that you thought was so cute, that you couldn’t wait to wear, was getting laughed at. You were told it looked like a trash bag. You kindly remind your coworkers you wouldn’t actually wear a trash bag to work no matter how liberal your fashion choices might be. But that just gets laughed at even more. Then you’re asked if it’s even made of fabric. When you reply, “yes, it’s taffeta,” you’re told it looks like one of those duct tape outfits kids would wear to prom. 

This skirt will never again see the office. Not when you’re told it’s a trash bag.

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Top: Charlotte Russe

Skirt: Express, via Marshalls

Tights: Betsey Johnson, via Marshalls

Necklace: Self made with mother’s pocket watch

Sorry for the bad photos- the husband and I were busy reorganizing our living room where I usually take pics, so I was unable to get any really good ones because my usual self made tripod is now gone!

Does the skirt seriously look bad?



5 thoughts on “Trash bag skirt and mod tights

  1. Yeah…whoever told you that it looks like a trash bag was either:
    1. jealous of your style and figured that insulting you would make THEM feel better about their unstylish clothing, or
    2. Not open to real fashion, which is always evolving and does not include snuggies and Crocs, or
    3. A BIG FAT LIAR. I love that skirt! Wear it again!

  2. Thanks Cher and Jessica! I was totally taken aback by the comments I received, but you guys made me feel better 🙂
    I’ll probably wear the skirt again, but I don’t think I will wear it to work. I think that’s been done 😦

  3. i think the skirt is cool! some people might be intimidated by you dressing differently or in more interesting ways than them–i wonder if them cutting you down is a way for them to manage your sartorial choices being more interesting and daring than theirs.
    but pooh pooh to them! you rock that skirt!

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