Super awesome photo.

It’s not often that I find art or photos I’m really touched by. I’m much more of a word person than a visual person. But, I was tag surfing today and came across this photo. The blog I found it on is still new, it’s a photo blog highlighting one photo everyday for a year. I really hope it continues- I’m loving the first four photos and I can’t wait to see what else is posted.

Photo via

I think it just hit me because it’s a typewriter, but it’s unused. To me, it’s just haunting because I find typewriters beautiful, and this one is even better because it’s collecting dust. The stories this little machine could tell about what it typed when it was used would amuse me for hours.

But, anyway, head over to Instamatic Gratification to learn more about this photo and take a gander at the others already up. They’re all impressive.


2 thoughts on “Super awesome photo.

  1. Hi Suze! I’m blown away by your post. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to write this. To say you’ve made my day is an understatement. Happy New Year!

    • I’m glad you don’t mind that I reposted! 🙂 I really do love the photo and I wanted to share it! I can’t wait to see the other photos you take.

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