My new wellies!

So the weather around here has been craptastic lately. I don’t have a pair of snow/rain boots, so I decided to go in search of some. My shopping buddy, Cher, was back home in Chicago at the time, so I sent her photos of the boots I was trying on (these were taken with my cell phone, so ignore the poor quality):

It took me a while to decide. Mostly because the moto-style black wellies reminded me of the boots the old guy wears in Home Alone. You know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a picture 😦

Anyway, it came down to the shiny quilted black pair and the dull moto-style boots. I ended up choosing the moto-style pair, mostly because they looked like rain boots to me. I was afraid the quilted pair would look stupid in the spring.

1-1-09 003

They’re really cool- they’ve got a red inside, which I like, plus they fit my jeans, if I need to tuck them in.


5 thoughts on “My new wellies!

  1. We picked the same one out of your choices! ^^ I like that one too… Rain boots here aren’t as fashionable as that. We have the colorful ones but I don’t like them that much either… T.T

    • I don’t think rainboots are really that fashionable here either- they all make my feet look really big! I like boots in general, but I guess I’m used to a heel! 🙂

  2. O wow! I love those printed rainboots! I definitely could get some use out of those bad boys here in Oregon

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