How to wear leather like a lady

On one of my most recent shopping trips I picked up a great vintage leather skirt. It’s in super condition and I can’t wait to wear it.

But, I want to make sure I don’t look trampy wearing it, because I plan to wear it to work. Close your mouth and listen to me for a minute. First, it’s not a mini skirt. Second, it’s a pencil skirt, so it covers me from my waist to my knees. Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s discuss the do’s and don’t’s of wearing leather to work.

Leather (or fake leather) is something that is always in style, in some form or another. The easiest way to incorporate it into your current wardrobe is with a belt, shoes or hat. Aside from those common options (we won’t discuss the different styles – it’ll take too long, you see), you could chose to wear leather pants, skirts or jackets.

Let’s chat about leather pants first, shall we?
Unless you’re a biker, heading to a concert or you work in a tattoo shop, leather pants are never a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend EVER wearing them to work, mostly because they can look, well, trampy, especially in an office setting. But, if you’re set on wearing a pair a leather pants, make sure they fit. There is nothing worse than a pair of saggy pants.

leather pants
Leather pants, concert tee and chucks- example of an outfit with leather pants.

Now that we’ve got the pants out of system (which we agree to NEVER wear), let’s chat about leather coats.
Now, a leather coat is always in style. Unless it’s super long, Matrix style. Then you’re outta luck and you’ll look like Keanu Reeves.
Anyway, go for something simple and soft. Black is always good, but camel or tan can be just as nice. I would avoid studs or too many pockets/zippers. Although, I really enjoy motorcycle styles, but that’s just me.
leather jacket
Cropped moto jacket, skinny jeans, flats and a chiffon top – simple outfit for a leather jacket.

Now, onto the main point I want to talk about- leather skirts.
Unless you’re going to a Def Leopard concert, I would steer clear of a leather mini (I’m such a buzzkill, aren’t I?). If you’re like me, you work in an office setting. Most of the people I work with are 40+ and wear the same clothes/styles they’ve been wearing for the past 20 years. So it’s a little difficult to try to go to work in a trendy style. To wear a leather pencil skirt might shock some people, but it obviously depends what the skirt is paired with. I think you can wear it with the same things you’d pair a pencil skirt with- a flowy top, cardigan or jacket.
leather skirt
Leather pencil skirt, cable knit sweater, leggings and sparkly headband.

I think this is a good way to wear a leather skirt without looking trampy. Of all three of these looks, I wouldn’t wear the leather pants outfit, but as we discussed, I wouldn’t wear leather pants at all.
How would you wear leather?