Feelin adventurous with flowered tights!

Monday was my yearly review at work. I was nervous! In the past year I’ve had my entire job description change and taken on a bunch of new duties, so I was really nervous.

I tried to dress like I wasn’t though.
12-28-09 4

12-28-09 5

12-28-09 1

12-28-09 3

12-28-09 2

Sweater: Gift, New York & Co
Skirt: Gift, H&M
Tights: F21
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Gift, New York & Co

I love this skirt. It’s got great texture to it that my pictures didn’t pick up. I also love the pockets! The only thing that is weird is that it’s about 4 sizes too big. I dunno what it is about skirts from H&M, but I always seem to need to buy them bigger to fit lower on my body (like I did with the red pencil skirt). Oh well- whatever works!

I was nervous about wearing patterned tights to work. I’ve worn colored tights before, and textured black tights, but never patterned tights. I got a few compliments and a few “OMG, what are you wearing” comments.

I have a few other pairs I plan to wear soon!

Oh, and my review? It was good! 🙂


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