Band t-shirts and Grandpa sweaters

I started feeling sick on Friday. It still hasn’t gone away.

Nonetheless, Joe and I had to see family over the weekend. Ah, the holidays. Anyway, I didn’t get any shots of what I wore to my parents house, nor my sister’s outfit, which was awesome. But I did manage to get a few shots in before Joe and I scooted out to see his family on Saturday.

I wore a new sweater my parents gave me, some jeans and some super comfy socks.
12-26-09 5

12-26-09 6

12-26-09 2

12-26-09 4

Sweater: Gift (American Eagle)
Jeans: Kenneth Cole via Marshalls
Shirt: Less Than Jake concert tee
Socks: Gift (Old Navy)
Shoes: Vans (not pictured)
Necklace: Forever21
Ring: Gift (Macys, I think)

I was actually really pleased with this look. I have TONS (and I mean tons) of t-shirts from concerts Joe and I have been to. I can’t really wear them to work (it wouldn’t be the best idea) so I try to find ways to wear them on the weekends, or in outfits like this, which would actually be work appropriate on a Friday. The sweater was super warm and has long sleeves and isn’t wool! It’s also on sale this week at, if you want to check it out.

The other thing I loved was the sailorish feel of the outfit. The stripes on the sweater and the boat-style buttons on the pants made me smile. You couldn’t really see it, so I’ll have to wear these jeans again with a striped shirt tucked in. That’d be really cool, right?


2 thoughts on “Band t-shirts and Grandpa sweaters

  1. I love this one! 🙂 I usually wear casual clothes even at work so I get to wear plain or printed graphic shirts. ^^ We don’t really see clients cause we’re working on the backend. Lucky me. XD

    You look good with casual clothes btw. 🙂 I think casual clothing gives off the “young” look. I love horizontal stripes too. ^^

    And oh, hi loafy! ^^ I can see your butt from the second pic. XD

    • LOL. Thanks! I love all my t-shirts, so I keep trying to find new ways to wear them all. This one is one of my favs, because you can’t really read what it says most of the time… It just looks like an orange blob!

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