My super cool holiday weekend

This weekend (starting Thursday) has been really fun!

Thursday, Joe and I both had to work. I got done at noon (thank you Pres. Mark for letting us go early!), Joe got done at 3:00. We went over to his aunt’s house and had dinner with the family. We always do puzzles when we’re up there (they live north of us), which I love, since I can’t really to them at home because Ruckus and Meatloaf would probably either sleep on the puzzle and/or eat the pieces. I don’t really want to risk it!

Friday we got to sleep in a little – we were up at 6:30. We went to his parent’s house first, because we live about five minutes away from them. His younger sister are awesome, so we got to see them first thing.

Then, we went to my parents house. My sister was there (hi Cher!) and my brother and his mom came over around noon. We opened our gifts, give our (lame) gifts out and had a fabulous lunch. Then, around 4 pm, we left to go to Joe’s other aunt’s house to see that side of the family. Around 7 pm, we were both getting really tired. You see, Joe worked 6am-3pm on Wednesday. Then he went back to work at midnight and came home around 3pm on Christmas Eve. We both really needed to sleep.

Yesterday we slept in, which was awesome. I woke up with a stuffy nose and a terrible cough. I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but I think I’m getting sick again. Joe went out to get me medicine while I watched five episodes of Primeval on Netflix online. Then, after we took showers and got dressed we went back over to Joe’s parents house for another family get together (my family is very small- these get-togethers are very different for me).

Anyway, we both got some cool gifts. Cher made me a sweet octopus table, but she couldn’t bring it because it was raining when she left to drive here, so I will just have to go visit her soon and get it 🙂
I got all six Star Wars movies and Fan Boys (I’m a geek), How I Met Your Mother seasons 1 &2 and The Beatles Rockband, not to mention some awesome clothes.

I don’t really have any photos of anything, because I’m going to mix it all in with the clothes I already have. I wore one of the sweaters last night, so I need to post those pics. But it was a pretty fun weekend in all. My kitties were given a “special” Christmas breakfast and dinner that they LOVED and they are still very happy and lovey and sleeping on me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to wash some clothes or else all I’m going to be wearing is the new stuff I got for Christmas and PJ pants…