Five Guys, Chick Fil A and road trips.

In honor of the road trip Cher and I will be taking on Saturday to go to the closest Chick Fil A, which is in Ohio, I decided to post some glorious photos I took of our most recent food adventure at Five Guys.

If you don’t know what Five Guys is, it’s a glorious dining establishment that serves burgers and fries.

And that’s it.

And it’s amazing.

The fries are fresh (plus they give you a TON) and the burgers are made exactly how you like ’em.

Everything goes into a brown paper bag.

Usually the grease goes right through the bag, as you can see here. That’s because of the fries.

Your order goes into a cup, but then they add a whole ‘nother scoop in the bag on top of everything. It’s awesome!

The burgers come wrapper in foil and marked with a number so you know which one is yours (and only has mayo and grilled onions on it) and which one is your sisters (pickles and jalapeños)!

You lovingly take the burgers out of the bag, place them on plates and dump the fries on those plates. Then your dinner looks like this:


I did mention the FRESH fries, right? They cut them there and even tell you where the potatoes came from!

When you’re ready to eat your burger, peel back the foil slowly and you’ll see this beautiful and mouth-watering view:

Cheesy. Hot. Amazing. Wonderful… I think I’m going to run out of adjectives. Oh, wait, I haven’t used this one in a few lines… GLORIOUS!

If your sister wants to check on how many pickles are on her burger and you see this:

You know it’ll be a happy night.

Anyway, after that delicious meal, we went to our ugly sweater party, which I posted here. And in two days we’ll be at Chick Fil A, which I have never been to before, but I am told it’s amazing. So I’m sure I will have my camera and take photos of the delectable food we will surely eat on that road trip.

Until then, have a happy [insert holiday here]!


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  1. Before anything else, Merry Christmas!!! ^^

    Yay! Those are really mouth-watering! I want burger and fries now too! ^^ The problem is where would I look for fresh looking fries here? Haha! Most establishments here are cooking pre-sliced fries. T.T

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