Starbucks Macaroons, Peanut butter balls, Meringue cookies and Spinach dip (such a long post!)

After Cher and I tasted all the wonderful Macaroons, we started on the mission of baking cookies.

With the help of my amazing Kitchen Aid mixer (thank you work friends for giving me such an awesome wedding gift!) we began making food.

While I was busy blogging away about the Macaroons (seriously, go take a look at the awesome pics I took. You’ll run out and buy your own box.), Cher was making peanut butter balls, so I don’t have photos of the process. But here’s a photo of the Macaroons!

Anyway, basically Cher made her own peanut butter using her food processor, then formed balls which she dipped in chocolate. This is the end result:
Peanut butter balls
(That one’s a little oddly shaped. Cher tested it make sure it was OK. It was.)

Next, we made meringue cookies, via a request from our mother. I decided they should be blue.
I shouldn’t be allowed to choose colors anymore…

Once the egg white, sugar and cream of tartar mixture is good and stiff (there’s something about “peaks…” I wasn’t really listening…), we put it in a piping bag, or in our case, a ziplock bag with the corner snipped off.
Apparently there is some swirl technique to making the cookies. They really just looked like light blue/grey poo swirls.

Anyway, you make these swirls, about the same size and try not to have any air pockets. You’re supposed to make them on wax paper, but we ran out after the first tray (we made a double batch), so we used foil on our other two trays.

The stove was VERY full!!

We burned the layer closest to the flame. It was sad. But, they did taste like ass, so I think it’s best we tossed those.
(On a side note, meringue cookies look cool on the inside after they’ve been cooked/dried.)

Once these were in, Cher rested as I made spinach and artichoke dip for us.
Cher, waving

Cher was tired after all that cooking. I’m going to make a separate post about the dip, since this one is getting so long already…


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  3. Aww… Sister bonding looks fun eh? I wish I have a sister too! ^^

    The peanut butter looks yummy! I tried to bake before too! ^^ The brownies I’m making became as hard as cookies though. T.T

    These pictures made me hungry… XD

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