Everybody wants more Andrew-Lee Potts!

After watching Alice last week, I googled Andrew-Lee Potts, the man who played Hatter, to see what else he’d been in and figure out why I hadn’t seen him around before.

The most popular movies/TV shows that popped up were Caffeine and Primeval.

I added both to my Netflix, dumping them near the top. I received the first disc of Primeval on Tuesday. I was super excited to watch it, but it was cracked almost in half!

Sadly, I had to return it to Netflix to get a new copy.

Now, I’m sitting in Cher’s living room watching my newly received, unbroken disc, while she sleeps in the other room (it’s almost midnight central time).

I’m sitting about two inches away from the TV because in my haste of packing this afternoon, I left my glasses at home. So my contacts are in their solution, getting clean, while I stare at the TV in awe of the adorable Andrew-Lee Potts.

He’s pops up within the first few minutes, as a college kid with awesome long hair (we all know how I feel about guys with long hair). He still sports the same scruffy kinda-shaven face we’ve all learned to love from Alice, but this time he’s wearing typical college student clothes.

I’ve only watched part of the first episode, but it looks pretty good. It’s kinda old, I think it’s from 2007, so I know I’m way behind, but it looks good so far. It is kinda weird – it’s about wormholes and dinosaurs, but the actors are pretty good.

He can save me anytime 🙂

So pretty! Especially when wet and protecting his woman 🙂 Even though she is his real-life fiance, which makes me sad. But, I should get over it, since I am married myself. Oh well!


2 thoughts on “Everybody wants more Andrew-Lee Potts!

  1. many of us cant seem to get enough of ALP. i watched all of Primeval within 2 days of seeing Alice, and ended up buying the whole series and watching it 3 more times. Being a geek myself i LOVE this show and am in love with Connor Temple.
    basically every show that he’s been in is now on youtube for our viewing pleasure 🙂

    • I am so happy you feel the same! I haven’t been able to find many of my friends (minus Cher) that feel the same! I watched all of Primeval in a week thru Netflix, which my husband thought was hilarious!

      I am totally in love with Connor too and I can’t wait for the new season 🙂

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