Stuff from the thrift store

I went out last night, in search of Christmas sweaters for a party this weekend.

I didn’t have a ton of luck.

So, instead, Cher and I will be wearing turtlenecks! Yay!

This is what I found:
12-17-09 019
These are for Cher. The turtleneck is hilarious, but the sweater’s not too bad!

Because I love color like it’s going out of style, this is what I found for me:
12-17-09 028

I might trade sweaters with Cher, but I am totally wearing this turtleneck 🙂

I also found a vintage dress:
12-17-09 021
It needs some cleaning and maybe a little hemming, but it was in super condition.

I found this fab leather skirt that Meatloafy is investigating…
12-17-09 032

And, for Cher, I found a few things…
12-17-09 022
There is actually a story behind these cups. We’ve used similar ones every Christmas since we were young, so when I saw these, I HAD to call Cher to see if she wanted them.

Her response? “I’ll give them a good home!”

12-17-09 020
This is just a funny movie Cher remembers, so I had to get it for her! (For $3, you can’t go wrong!)

I also picked up this cute dress/tunic thing for me!
12-17-09 029

Tons of random stuff, but I think the clothes (minus the Christmas sweaters) will fit into my wardrobe nicely.

What’s the best thing you ever bought at a thrift store?