Gift Guide you can actually use!

Sometimes we all need a little help finding gifts. Different blogs, magazine and Web sites have been posting them for weeks now, encouraging you to buy this or that. Well, (with the exception of  a few, like Cher’s) most of these gift guides list the gifts you’d LOVE to buy your mother/brother/father/sister/boyfriend IF you had the money.

And that irks me.

No one wants their loved one to go broke while buying them a holiday gift.  So why do these guides always tell you to buy someone an iPod Touch or Xbox? If you’re like me, you have about $25 to spend per person (give or take a little). I get really irritated with articles, like this one from Cosmo, listing gifts guys say they’ll love.

Of COURSE they’ll love an Xbox, sneakers, iPod or golf club. But that doesn’t mean you should buy it for them.

I believe it’s really is the thought you put into it. If you know I love all things geeky and you decide to buy me a Star Wars action figure- I will love you forever. One thing I’m looking forward to this year is the wall calendar my mom bought me. Sure, it only cost $10, but I already love it. I don’t need someone to spend tons of money on me for me to love them.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m going to show you some gifts that you can get your brother/sister/mother/father/boyfriend/girlfriend that they will love and won’t make you go broke. After all, it is the thought that counts.

Here are my suggestions for the inner geek in all of us:
Everything is $25 and under.

Gift Guide Geek
From left to right:
I’m sure you can find tons of things a “geek” would love, but this list is pretty unisex (not counting the Twilight action figures).  Everything should be linked to their respective sites.
For other gift ideas, check out Cher’s posts.
This is not a sponsored post.