Geometric tunic and pants!

I had a very bad morning on Tuesday. When I was attempting to leave for work, I couldn’t. I had a flat tire. I went back inside, changed to jeans and changed my own tire. Then, I had to get the other fixed. After that, I took another shower, since I was now dirty from laying on the ground, before I coud leave for work. Because I was slightly irritated (and very late for work)I didn’t spend a ton of time picking out my clothes. This is why I love long printed tops- they make you look much more dressed up than you are!

Worn 12-15-09
12-14-09 4

12-14-09 5

12-14-09 3

12-14-09 2

Top: Vertigo of Paris, from Marshalls
Pants: Limited
Boots: Amazon


2 thoughts on “Geometric tunic and pants!

  1. I like the top. 🙂 I like those kind of tops that you can wear with black or denim pants. ^^ The color of the boots is nice too! It compliments the top a lot.

    And of course, another great part there is I can see loafy watching you from her tent. XD

    • Yeah, she was hanging out while I took the pics 🙂 She and Ruckus love to jump in the pictures and I HAVE to leave them in 🙂 It’s too cute not to!

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