Where I shop and my (usual) budget

My husband and I are both still fairly new to the ‘corporate’ world. I’ve been at my job for three years, while he just went back to school to become a licensed EMT. That being said, we’re often broke. We pay all our bills on time and in full (no debt for us!), but we seem to have very little “fun” money. We tend to split our “fun money.” If we go out to dinner, we split it. But if I want to buy, say, three pairs of tights- I have to pay for those. So, my usual budget per month is equal to what some people spend on one pair of shoes!

Because of this, I tend to shop at less expensive stores, collect coupons or just salivate over all the things I want and save until I can buy them (usually the first one wins out).
I tend to shop at:
Forever 21 (cheap stuff- trendy, great accent pieces)
Charlotte Russe (shoes that actually fit me for less and great trendy pieces)
Platos Closet (second-hand teens/twenties wear. I’ve bought lots of pieces from here that I coveted in the store but couldn’t afford. It is very hit or miss though, since it’s all second-hand)
Salvation Army (great second-hand pieces)
Marshalls/TJ Maxx (I love scouring the clearance racks here- you can find some great stuff for super cheap!)
Target (great deals on everyday staples and cheap shoes)
H&M (if you get there on a day with lots of stuff on the clearance racks, you can find some great pieces for under $20- great jewelry too!)
Old Navy (love the clearance racks here- great for everyday staples and cute sweaters)

Some examples:

Great Deals
Left to right (from top):
Forever 21 jacket: $33
Charlotte Russe boots: $40
Express skirt: $12 (got it from Platos Closet)
Kimono blouse: $12 (got it from Salvation Army)
Muse Mod sleeve dress: $20 (got it from Marshalls– originally $148)
Target boots: $25
H&M red pencil skirt: $10 (on sale- originally $35)
Old Navy vest: $10 (on sale)
I really enjoy bargain hunting. Maybe it’s because I never have much money, or maybe because I find it extremely satisfying to buy something, like the Muse dress, for 85% off the original price and love it to death. I don’t buy things just to buy them (although I think I used to do that. I have tons of clothes I never wear. I should get rid of those…) I like to buy things that interest me and I want to add to my wardrobe. Again, take a look at the Muse dress. I found one very similar that was a vintage piece, but for $60, I couldn’t afford it (well, I couldn’t justify it). So when I found it this one at Marshalls for $20, I had to buy it! That gives me an extra $40 to spend on something else (like a nice dinner with my husband).
My coworker, Sonia, is also a very thrifty shopper. She’s the owner of these amazing shoes, which I still want to borrow! She and I tend to swap where we bought stuff and how much we saved, coupons and even shopping advice. She always has to cutest clothes too! I really want to raid her closet, but if she let me, she’d be missing a lot of stuff! She wore a dark denim jacket last week (it looked like a suit jacket) with this great dark purple ruffled shirt and black pants- so chic!
I think it’s great and important to have chic (and thrifty) friends, because you can give each other advice and suggestions, and I never feel weird asking her or Cher for their opinion on my outfit. In fact, Sonia is usually the first to compliment what I’m wearing! It’s always nice to have someone like that at work, because sometimes I do wear weird things (vintage green pinstriped dress and floral tights) that most people don’t like, but Sonia will always give me her opinion. Just last week she said she liked my Alice inspired outfit, but she would’ve worn a brown belt (I know, I need one!).
Oh well. Time to take photos of my outfit today so I can show all of you!
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