Why I love Marshalls

I went out to with my mom to do some holiday shopping. We have a tradition in our family where we tend to chose our own holiday gifts. It’s really nice, actually, because we get to pick what we want. Anyway, my mom and I ran over to Marshalls, since it’s pretty inexpensive, and I wanted a new purse.

Well, no purse. But, I did find two dresses for $20 each. They’re both 60s style (or Jackie O style as my mom said). One is black and white with polka dots, Londen something brand. The other is a purple Calvin Klein (for $20!!).

Man, I love Marshalls. I also picked out two pairs of tights and a cookbook.

Then, after I went home, I went shopping on my own for some gifts. I went to a different Marshalls, closer to my home, to see if there was anything different.

I found a silk shirt for $7. It retails for $140. That’s 95% off!

Yeah, I took a picture to prove it. I didn’t realize how great the deal was intil I got home.

The print is really cool too

I’m super excited to wear it. I also can’t wait for the holiday so I get finally own my two new dresses!

I love the holidays, since that’s the one time of year everyone is home. 🙂