Alice on Syfy synopsis part 2

Continuing from my part 1 synopsis (read it here).

**WARNING** SPOILER ALERT!! (there is much more detail in this part, because it was AWESOME!!)
We left Alice hanging onto the one wooden plank in the room, where Dr. Dee and Dr. Dum were spying on her. She pulls herself back up, and the Dr.s begin to dissolve the plank. She tells them she needs to write a map to show them where the ring is. They bring her in a desk, and she begins writing.

At the same time, Hatter and Charlie are in the casino, trying to find Alice.

The door flies open, Alice still writing her map, revealing Charlie and Hatter. Hatter yells for her to jump (you know, over that big, gaping HOLE!). She complies, jumping on the desk, swinging on the light and into Hatter’s arms (swoon).

They’re actually in Alice’s mind (which is kinda awesome). Charlie finds the door, and out they run, being chased by the suits. They end up on the roof, where they commandeer these awesome pink flamingo flying things (so cool- trying to find a picture). Charlie takes off on one, with Hatter and Alice following on the next one.

The suits follow, shooting at Alice, Hatter and Charlie. Charlie goes down, hitting the water below with a huge splash. Alice and Hatter follow, after their flamingo was hit by a bullet.

Alice and Hatter walk on shore, out of the water. They’re arguing, because Alice still believes Jack is trying to help her, mostly because he slipped her a watch belonging to her long-lost father. Hatter keeps telling her that Jack is just using her to get the ring back. Suddenly, they hear singing. It’s Charlie!

Hatter says they should get off the beach before they’re spotted, which causes Alice to admit she’s grateful they got her out of the casino, but she needs to go back because Jack knows where her father is.
That make Hatter angry, because he still believes Jack is using her. He tells her to “give the resistance a chance.” She declines. He says to give him a few hours, because Caterpillar can help them. She agrees, and stays with Charlie in the kingdom on the knights (well, what’s left of it) as Hatter heads off for the city once again.

He finds the door-mouse, an adorable half human looking man, and tells him to pass along a message to Caterpillar, “we’ve still got what they want, and we’re ready to make a deal.”

Next thing we see, Charlie is taking a nap in his hammock, holding onto his teddy bear. Hatter wakes him up and asks where Alice is. She’s up on a hill, staring into the distance. Hatter runs up to tell her the good news.
She replies, “I was beginning to think you were never coming back.” Hatter immediately takes that to mean she still doesn’t trust him. (Oh Hatter, why are you so pretty but dense? SHE LIKES YOU!!)

They walk down the hill together, chatting.

Hatter tells Alice he thinks her luck is finally changing. They both lean in…

And are interrupted by Jack. (Evil bastard!)

Jack tells Alice he is jealous and says he has a horse for her and “let’s go!” Hatter, getting defensive, grabs a big stick and offers to fight Jack. Alice reminds them both she’s a black belt, and there will be no fighting.

In the end, Hatter and Alice don’t kiss and Alice leaves with Jack. Hatter says she’ll be better off with him (Jack). Jack says he’s the agent who is supposed to take Alice to Caterpillar and her father. Alice and Jack take off, with the promise Alice will get to see her father.
Charlie and Hatter aren’t very far behind, trailing them from a distance (neither of them trust Jack).

Jack takes Alice to Caterpillar.

He explains that Alice’s father isn’t the man she remembers, that he’s been brainwashed. Alice comes face-to-face with her father, who is none other than the carpenter- the man who created Mad March and is charge of collecting the feelings from the Oysters!

Well, long story short (I told you I’d skip over stuff!), he doesn’t remember Alice, even though he calls her “jelly bean” at one point (his old nickname for her), and all the suits come and snatch up Alice, Caterpillar and Jack. They’re dragging them back to the casino, when Hatter and Charlie decide to strike to try to save Alice.

Hatter tries to take on the suits, while Charlie gets scared a flees. Alice screams for the suits to let Hatter go, but they take him as well.

Alice is now in this giant hamster ball looking thing. The queen says she’s going to kill Alice. Jack convinces her to take Alice back to her own world. Instead, the queen now sentences Jack to die.

Since Jack got the queen to send Alice home, the suits are taking Alice to the portal, to take her back to her world. They stick her in the flying beetle thing and take her to the portal (which isn’t in the casino). She fights off the suit who are trying to make her go back through the looking-glass, jumps onto a flamingo, chasing after the two suits carrying the ring, taking it back to the casino.  One of them doubles back and tries to take her out a few times by shooting her, while the other one continues with the ring. She alludes them and arrives back at the casino, where Charlie has set up an army of knights!


The queen sends all suits to protect the casino against the huge army.

Alice sees the army Charlie has set up and is impressed.

Jack is stuffed into a room of eyeballs, so everyone in Wonderland can see him for who he really is (a traitor to the queen). We then see Hatter. He’s being tortured by Dr. Dee and Dr. Dum. They’re trying to get him to tell them where the underground library is. He isn’t saying a word (but looking oh-so fine covered in bruises and blood… hott!!)

They’re using tazers on him, trying to get him to talk. Mad March comes in, asking the Dr.s to leave. Mad March tries to attack Hatter, but Hatter flips over and uses the chair he’s tied to as a shield. He ends up getting him arms untied and with one punch renders Mad March unusable (his head is a cookie jar, after all. And Hatter has ‘sledgehammers’ for hands). He sneaks out of the room to find Alice (or escape. I think he’s looking for Alice).

Duchess (Jack’s finance), bribed the guard to help him escape.

Alice, escaping from the suits, runs into the actual casino room and barricades the door. The guards inside the casino room attempt to trap her. Hatter runs up and punches them (love!). Alice, noticing the black eyes and cuts on his face is concerned. He says it’s nothing. She throws her arms around him, saying “I thought you’d be dead.” He responds “Oh, that feels good. We should save that until we’re safe.” Alice apologizes for not trusting him and says she trusts him completely now. Hatter tries to get her to leave, so he can get her to be safe. She realizes there are no other suits in the casino anymore, just the Oysters and their dealers and says she has an idea.

They block off the exits, preparing themselves to get the Oysters to feel bad, because the mix of emotions should free them.

Alice’s father watches on a monitor. Alice tells the Oysters it isn’t a dream. It’s all real. She tries to get them to think, to remember who they are.

Slowly, everyone begins to wake up, including Alice’s father. He runs toward the casino to help her.

Meanwhile, Charlie is fighting the suits, all by himself, with a few arrows and a bunch of skeleton knights.

Walrus, Carpenter/Roberts (Alice’s father) work associate, follows him and attempts to shoot him before he can get to Alice. They struggle, and Walrus ends up getting shot.

The suits break into the casino and start to open fire on Alice and Hatter. The Oysters begin to feel confusion, fear and panic. Carpenter tells everyone to calm down, because the Oysters are being frightened. He also tells Alice he remembers. She thinks it’s a trick, until he starts reminding her of things that happened when she was young, like losing her cat, Dinah. They hug, as Walrus enters the room and fires. Carpenter/Robert says “NO” and turns his body to protect Alice. He falls to the ground, leaving Alice staring down the barrel of a gun.

We hear shots being fired and see Hatter shooting at Walrus, killing him.

The Oysters are let go and they run off. The entire casino is beginning to fall. Alice tries to comfort her father, as he lay dying on the floor. Carpenter/Robert dies, while Hatter tries to grab Alice to get her out before the place crumbles. he apologizes as her drags her out of the room.

The queen tries to evacuate with her husband, Winston, who refuses. He stays to go down with the ship, so-to-speak.

The suits run out with Duchess and Jack following close behind. Charlie, outside still trying to fight, manages to get off one more shot. As his arrow flies away, the building collapses. Just before Charlie falls back to the ground he says “bullseye!” The arrow lands a few feet away…

Hatter, Alice and the Oysters stand in a field, staring at the burning mess that was once a great big casino. Hatter turns to Alice with outstretched arms and says, “I don’t suppose I could get the hug now?” She turns to him, but before she can say or do anything, the queen has found her.

Alice points out that the queen has lost her power. No one is frightened of her anymore. No one is listening to her.

Jack and Duchess walk out. The queen tells him to get everyone to listen. He refuses to help her.

Alice demands the ring back from the queen. They threaten to cut off her finger to give it back. She gives it to Alice, who holds it triumphantly above her head.

Next thing, all the Oysters are waiting at the Looking Glass to go home. Charlie arrives to say goodbye to Alice.
Jack arrives just after to try to give the ring to Alice again, asking her to be his queen. She says no. He asks her to restart the looking-glass, which she does.

As Alice hugs Jack goodbye, Hatter walks in. Assuming he’s walked in on a rekindled romance, he turns to leave. Alice spots him before he walks out the door.

He ends up telling her goodbye, which hurts her a little. She thought he might want her to stay (at least that’s the look on her face). He didn’t want her to leave- he was trying not to think about her leaving. He tells her to go. He looks like he’s trying to tell her something else, but doesn’t. She gives him back his coat, which he tries to tell her she doesn’t have to do. He hugs her, but it’s not the hug he wanted. Alice says he could always visit her world. Hatter says they could “do pizza.” Alice responds with “yea, and lots of other things.”

The worker comes to get Alice. Hatter tries to tell her he wasn’t done talking to her, but Alice just smiles at him before she’s thrown back through the looking-glass.

Alice is found on the ground in the empty building she first followed Agent White into.

When Alice wakes up, she’s in a hospital. Her mother is there, telling her a construction worker saw her run into the building and found her. Alice does cry a little because her father is gone, although her mother doesn’t realize that he’s dead. Alice asks her mother how long she was in “there.” She’s told she was there for “an hour.” Alice cringes at hearing this.

Alice goes home, where she packs up all the things of her fathers. She tells her mother it’s because she doesn’t need to look for him anymore.

The doorbell rings. Alice’s mother tells her it’s the construction worker, who wanted to come over to see how she was. “Very sweet,” she says.

“Alice, come meet David,” Alice’s mother calls. Alice walks from her room, not really looking. Then she sees who it is.

“HATTER!” She yells, running into his arms.

“Finally,” he says.

Alice responds, “you have no idea how happy I am to see you.”

They let go for a brief minute, before they FINALLY kiss.

Hatter pulls away and says, “I missed you.”

Behind them, we see the looking glass Alice followed the White Rabbit into at the beginning, hanging on the wall in their home 🙂

The mom’s face is the BEST! She looks so confused. To her, Jack is Alice’s boyfriend, and this guy is just some construction worker who found her.

Loved the mini series. I loved that it really was Hatter at the end, not just some look-alike! Wonderful. Time to go stare at my computer background, which is Hatter. 🙂

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    • I don’t think it’s up for downloading, but I found it on youtube. Maybe you could watch it there? It’s not really a show- it’s a two-part mini series movie thing. It’s 4 hours total, but it’s awesome! Cher’s watching it right now!!

  2. I just finished watching the whole thing on youtube(I am going to be sooo tired tomorrow morning) but it was fantastic. So great. And not JUST because Hatter is super super most excellently hotter than anything I’ve seen…but that was a big part 🙂 Totally worth the 4-hour time commitment to watch it!

  3. Thanks so much for you post. I didn’t know that was the looking glass in her house! Where did you get your pictures? If you don’t mind me asking.

    • You’re very welcome! I found the pictures via the Syfy Web site- they released a bunch (minus the Hatter and Alice kissing scene) prior to the mini series coming out. I had a friend send me the others- I’m not quite sure if she screen capped them or found them elsewhere (she didn’t say).

      If you want to rewatch anything, posted all the videos, in order, from an awesome person on Youtube. 🙂

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  6. hehe so i’m watching Alice again right now 🙂 I loved the comment about Jack when he interrupted Hatter and Alice’s kiss (almost) Great show! can’t wait til it comes out on DVD!

      • I can not wait! I just got my brothers to watch it with me, they won’t admit it but they loved it! My dad laughed super hard at the mom’s face at the end, which made me laugh 🙂

        • LOL! I got my sister to watch it and she’s not into Syfy stuff at all. It’s an awesome mini series! I just purchased Tin Man over the weekend, which I never got to see 😦 Did you ever see it?

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