Alice on Syfy presents Hatter, my new crush! (synopsis part1)

I spent last night (and Sunday night) watching Alice on Syfy. I don’t know how I didn’t know who Andrew Lee Potts was before, but now I’ve got a HUGE crush on him! And, I told my husband about it. Man- this two-part movie thing was awesome! I never got to see Tin Man in 2007, which I’m now regretting, but thanks to Netflix, it’s on its way to my house.

Anyway, Alice isn’t the same Disney story we remember as kids. It was written and directed by Nick Willing (who also directed Tin Man), and it takes you off into this wonderful world of fantasy. The characters are all there- the same ones I remember as a child, but they’re all different.

**WARNING** Spoiler alert below! (lots of pics and lots of info about the show!!)
This is part one
of my synopsis- I might skip over some parts that weren’t such a big deal to me. (Scroll down for the link to part 2)

The story begins with Alice Hamilton, a karate instructor with huge commitment issues, since her dad disappeared when she was ten. She and her boyfriend, Jack Chase, are having ‘the talk’ and he tries to give her this ring that’s been in his family for generations. She freaks out, and kicks him out the door. Unknowingly, he slipped the ring back into her pocket (she’s wearing a blue dress, red tights and brown/black boots- love!).

She finds it and runs out to catch him to return it. Instead, she watches as he’s throw into the back of a van. She’s approached by Agent White (AKA- the white rabbit) who asks her for the ring back. She tries to fight him, drops to ring case and he runs off. She chases him into an abandoned building, and falls through the looking-glass.

She wakes up, only to find herself transported into an odd, parallel universe of some kind. She continues to chase the white rabbit, until she ends up trapped in a weird padded cell/box. During the chase, her arm was burned with a weird tattoo/marker that shows she’s an “oyster.”

She frees herself from the box, falls into the water, and swims to shore in the oddly built, ledge-filled city (everything goes UP really high). A homeless looking man ends up helping her because he thinks she’s “Alice of legend.” He takes her to Hatter, who he believes can help her. (Have we discussed how hot Hatter is? I mean- DAMN!)

Hatter decides to help her, but only gives the reason that he “doesn’t need a reason to help a pretty girl.” He gives her a dark purple velvet coat to wear, to cover the mark of the Oyster. (I love that- cuz I have a coat just like it!!) He takes her to the hidden library within the city, where we meet Dodo.


Well, it turns out the ring Alice’s boyfriend, Jack, gave her is actually the Stone of Wonderland. It controls the portal between Wonderland and Alice’s world. Dodo threatens to kill Alice, even shoving a gun in her direction. He ends up shooting Hatter instead. Alice throws Dodo down like a sack of flour (those karate lessons are coming in handy!) and runs back to the elevator. Hatter’s not dead yet though! He jumps up, threatens Dodo if anything happens to Alice and they both run after Alice like crazy. Dodo gets a few good punches in on Hatter, before Alice comes back and again, throws Dodo down. She and Hatter make it to the elevator, as she begins to freak out to see if he’s OK.

He’s wearing armor, as if he knew he was going to get shot. The bullet didn’t do a thing, and although he tried to play it up, Alice stop taking his bait.
Hatter and Alice now need to find someone else to help them, because Dodo’s out to kill them both to get his hands on the ring.

They head back to his tea shop, but instead find Mad March, the queen’s favorite pet assassin, Number 10 and the other suits are already hot on their trail. (BTW- I love that they’re called the suits- they all wear the color/number and suit of the card they represent, but it’s done in such a cool way!)
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Hatter and Alice run off- jumping into a boat and escaping- for now. They end up on some other shore, where Hatter warns Alice to find a tree she can climb, and go do it because “these woods have things that defy imagination.” Well, as you probably guessed, Alice didn’t listen to Hatter, and now this weird beast thing is after them. Hatter tells Alice to run, and of course, they run in two different directions. The creature decides it likes Alice and takes off after her. Hatter now has to run to save her.

Hatter and Alice take off together this time.

But they fall into a pit. The beast chases them, ends up spiking itself and leaving them alone.

Alice and Hatter now meet up with the White Knight, who they believed was dead.
The knight decides he was MEANT to help Alice and her… whatever… (he doesn’t seem to like Hatter very much)
Alice asks for his help and he takes them to the old kingdom of the knights. It’s pretty much in ruin now, but it is still safer there.
They spend the night, but Alice leaves under the cover of darkness, but not before hiding the ring. Hatter and Charlie (the white knight) wake up, and she’s gone. Next thing you know, Mad March and the suits have her and have taken her back to the casino (the castle).
Now, we get to meet the queen (again) and we find out that Jack Chase is actually Jack Heart (Jack of Hearts… lol) and is the queen’s son.
Alice is upset, especially when Jack says she means nothing to him. The queen has Dr. Dee and Dr. Dum take Alice to the truth room, where they nearly kill her trying to get the location of the ring.
Part one of Alice ends with Alice dangling off a board, over a large pit in a room in her old home.

Synopsis part 2, coming up!

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  1. Haha sounds just like me, when I was watching Alice I was like “I LOVE YOU HATTER!!!!” When Jack walked in on Alice and Hatter almost kissing and interupted them I was so mad I screamed at the tv, then my recording of the movie ended before the very end so I never got to find out if they kissed or not so it really is driving me crazy

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  6. Hatter’s my favorite thing ever now… I missed night one though, i can’t believe I didn’t get to watch the part with tim curry in it… T^T

    But, yeah, my friend and I were watching the second one, and we screamed for maybe five minutes straight when we thought there wouldn’t be any romantic-type things between Alice and Hatter.

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