Random purchase gone right!

Cher was over this weekend, so we went on a shopping excursion to find her a nice dress (found an awesome one, but I will let her tell that story!) and just to hang out and see what else was for sale.

I really wanted another pair of leggings, because I really like wearing tall boots with skirts and leggings. We found a pair of navy blue leggings at Target, but they didn’t look the right size- they said “XL.” I wear a pretty normal size and it’s not “XL.” Nevertheless, they were only $5 so I bought them. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I bought little kids XL leggings!

The weirdest part? They actually fit!

I haven’t had a chance to take pics of what I’m wearing today, and my camera is being stupid and doesn’t want to talk to my computer, so it might take me a little while to get the stupid pictures uploaded. Until then, head over to shoe-a-day and read this awesome post about Gone With the Wind and the shoes that match the outfits!


One thought on “Random purchase gone right!

  1. LoL XD I can relate! I intentionally bought an XL kid’s shirt before because I loved the cat print on it so much! I still have it but I don’t wear it that much now.

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