Lady Gaga- style icon?

I know many people do not like Lady Gaga. I’ve read tons of posts commenting on her music, her personality and her fashion.

Personally, I admire her. I think she’s fantastic! Sure, I’d probably never really wear anything that she wears, but who really could? Half the time she’s not wearing pants! If I tried that look, I would be soooo busted!

I love how she wears whatever she wants, make some crazy videos (Bad Romance, anyone?) and doesn’t seem to be phased by the media. I think she’s even described herself a tranny before! The woman has balls guts.

Anywho, let’s discuss the essentials of Gaga fashion.

1. Killer shades (see below for lots more examples in all the other photos!)

2. Wild hairstyle/ accessory

3. Outfit no one else will have on

4. Forget to wear pants sometimes…

5. Take inspiration from anything you want, like the vase on the right.

Or Mickey Mouse… (I know it’s not really Mickey Mouse)

Pretty much do what you want, wear what you want and ignore everyone that says negative things. Lady Gaga’s gotten so popular lately, she could probably wear nothing, or go back to what she look like before “The Fame” and people would die for it.

Even then she didn’t like pants!

Here’s are some examples of easy ways to insert the over-the-top Lady Gaga fashion in your everyday wardrobe.

Lady Gaga-ish
You could wear the bodysuits with jeans or a cardigan for the look you want, without looking like you forgot your pants. Or wear the sequin hot shorts over leggings or tights. The sunglasses, gloves, earrings or fake hair bows would go with pretty much anything. Most of this probably isn’t work appropriate unless you work at a pretty creative place.
How would you insert Lady Gaga inspired clothes in your daily wardrobe?