Black and yellow, but not a bumblebee…

Date worn: 12-1-09

I really wanted to wear these new yellow tights I bought, but I didn’t want to look like I dipped my legs into melted crayons. So, I decided to wear them with my boots (which I love) and my poofy satin skirt. I figured the mix would be biker and girlie. Totally worked. I loved my outfit… Until I got a run in my tights. Grrrr… I was ticked. I used superglue to stop the run, and ended up glueing the tights to my leg and was thisclose to glueing my finger to it too! Thankfully I didn’t.

12-1-09 10

12-1-09 9

12-1-09 8

12-1-09 7

12-1-09 6

12-1-09 1

Shirt: F21
Jacket: F21
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Boots: Charlotte Russe


3 thoughts on “Black and yellow, but not a bumblebee…

  1. I like the stripe inner shirt and the black jacket. 🙂 That style’s what I’m looking for whenever I try to shop for jackets. I bought a similar looking one with big buttons. lol XD

    Aww… too bad for the tights though. T.T and umm no loafy appearing around while you’re taking pics. lol

    • LOL- no, no loafy today! She was hiding under the mat by the door. I need to take pictures of her doing that so I can post them! I know you’d love to see her doing it!

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