DIY Infinity Scarf

As previously mentioned, I started making my own infinity scarf. I am not done with it- not even close! I’ve used one whole skein of yarn and have started on the second, but I don’t think it’ll cover my back! I think I’ll need four skein’s total, but I blame that on the fact I made it wi-i-i-i-ide, about 14 inches! I want to wear it like a hood, sweater or big wrap. I want it to be able to cover my head and go down my back a little, which means it needs to be wide.

Anyway, I took some photos of it, and some photos of how to do it. Hopefully we can work of them together, and if anyone sends me pictures, I’ll gladly post them.

I am by no means a fabulous crochet-er. I do not know how to knit, and I’m sure my crochet skills aren’t what they could be, but it works for me, so maybe it can help you.

knitting 001

This is my weapon of choice, a random bright green crochet hook I bought at Michaels for about $2. It works just fine for what I need. When I bought it, I matched it’s approximate size to the size of the yarn (for those who want to know, it says it’s a K/101/2-6.50MM).

Basically your scarf is made of whole bunch of connected slip knots. Easy right? To start your scarf, you need to make, and secure a slip knot.

Take the yarn and loop it in your hand.
knitting 005

Pull the little end though.
knitting 006

knitting 007

Pull it tight, and Voilà! You now have your slip knot and the beginning of your scarf.
knitting 008

Now, beginning your chain. The loop goes on your hook, and loop around the new end of your yarn. I like to hold onto the knot to keep it taut. You don’t want to make each loop too loose or too tight- the tighter it is, the harder it will be to add more to and to add sections. If you keep it loose, it will have some stretch to it.
knitting 009

And now, you want to continue the chain.
knitting 010

When you get a longer chain, one side will look like  a bunch of “V”s. To start your second layer, find the side with the “V” pattern.

knitting 014

Now flip it over.
knitting 015

If you look closely, this side looks like it have a continuous line running through the center of each loop.
knitting 017

Now this is the tricky part, if you aren’t comfortable with it. You need to hook into the loop just above the one you are on. I usually aim for one side, and continue on that side, or your chain will get all twisted and weird.
knitting 019

Now, loop and pull it through, like you did before. For the rest of your layers, you will now pull the new yarn through two loops. You’ll get into a rhythm, like I did, and it gets kinda fun.

Now, it’s time to turn, and start your third line. Because you’ve reached the end with the original slip knot, you need to make one extra loop, without attaching it to anything (because the original slip knot won’t attach to it again).
knitting 027

Now take your extra loop, and attach it to the loop just above it to start your third layer.
knitting 028

And now you’re working on your third layer! Just be careful to go slowly and make sure you’re hooking into each of your loops. If it starts to get smaller are you go, it means you’ve missed a loop or two along the way.
knitting 029

This is what my scarf looks like so far:
knitting 032

It’s a big off-white block so far. I’m hoping it’ll be halfway done within the week.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’ll be updating my blog with my progress as soon as I have something to report!


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