New Moon – Bella and Edward annoy and Jacob wins!

Cher and I went to see New Moon last night.


Kristen Stewart is the WORST actress and is a terrible Bella. Robert Pattinson never looks at her while he’s speaking, which bugs me.

Taylor Lautner. Jacob. Shark Boy. One word:


This the only time in my life I wish I were 17 again.

(From now on, the actors/characters will be refered to by their character names only)

The movie was very ‘eh,’ and made all the more annoying by the fangirl sitting to my right who said “he’s so sexy” every two seconds when Jacob Black was on screen.

Bella and Edward didn’t pull me in. They didn’t make me believe in their romance, or the pain of their breakup. Bella ‘screaming’ in pain throughout the night wasn’t believable at all, but I still think it was a result of poor casting.

The best part of the movie was the wolf pack. The actors were all unknowns and are all of Native American descent. They were fabulous.

They worked very well together and you could see the ‘brotherhood’ between them. Jacob was the best.

I was sad after he chopped of his hair, and looked like the above picture for the rest of the movie. I have a thing for long hair, and he had really long hair for the first part of the movie.

He says something to Bella, about how he’s not going to give up. He’s going to fight for her affection.

I wish I would’ve had someone want me like that when I was 17. Now I have a guy who would. But at 17? That’s all you ever want in high school. Someone to fight for you.

Another thing that really bugged me was how awful Edward looked. I think Robert Pattinson is very attractive, but they made Edward look terrible in this movie. To Bella, he’s supposed to be the hottest thing ever. If I were her, this movie would make me pick Jacob.

Eh. I really just feel eh as I look at him. It doesn’t elicit the same feelings of “OMG- you’re really hot” as it does with Jacob.

When Jacob came on screen the first time, and took of his shirt, there was a LOUD audible “GASP” from every hot-blooded female in that theatre.

Nobody gasped when they saw Edward.

It was a little funny, to be honest. I think every female in that theatre would’ve picked Jacob over Edward. Edward was acting very cold, never looking at Bella, and frowning every two seconds.

It’s hard to imagine this adorable little boy, Shark Boy, turning into…

Jacob Black. Every fangirl’s wet dream.

Did you like or dislike New Moon? Why?


20 thoughts on “New Moon – Bella and Edward annoy and Jacob wins!

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  2. HAHAHA! I just read this now. XD Anyway, I’m not expecting from Kristen Stewart either. She’s awful in Twilight…

    I haven’t watched New Moon yet… I dunno but I’m not as interested on the movie as I was on the books. They killed Twilight big time so I guess they killed New Moon too. XD

  3. I completely disagree and think Kristen Stewart portrays Bella very well. I don’t know what 2 movie you all were watching but i thought Twilight and New Moon were awesome. i’m not a twi-hard and i’m no teeny bopper. watch the movies again and maybe you’ll really see what’s going on.

    • Honestly, I really don’t like Rosalie. I think she’s a little too rude to Bella, obviously for her own reasons, but I think she could be a much better character if she wasn’t so mean.

    • That’s your opinion, and I wasn’t knocking Rob, who I do think is attractive. I was knocking the movie, the poor acting and the lack of being pulled in to the story.

    • yah rite he wishes if u notice he cant sing and all the girls in the world r like ” OMG ITS ROBERT PATTENSON

  4. Jacob’s is so hot and edward is soooooooooooo not. Have u seen the different Bella is crazy 4 wanting to go with that little puny man instead of Jacob

  5. ciaooooooooooooo noi troviamo ke foto sn tt mlt bll!!!
    dopo tt è taylor no??hii…anke se x me (stefy) robert è più bello!!…baciiiiiii stefy e ele XoXo

  6. She says that Jacob is hot … but we can not say that Edward is nothing! edward is amazing..fascinating..Intriguing..mysterious. I prefer Edward to Jacob

  7. Team Jacob is way better than edward no homo but Edward is ugly as hell and do you see the shape of his head? thats nasty!!!!!! No homo but jacob is better looking

  8. hi jakob
    i can not spea english very well. i just say i love you very much. boos boos

  9. hi jaicob
    i am a girl from iran-tehran. i see new moon. it ia very nice. i can not speak english very well.
    i just say: i love you very much.

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